Friday, March 21, 2014

It's a real book!!

As I posted before, I've written two books that I am self-publishing. Well, I got the hard copies in the mail and they look and feel like real books. When I said this to my Mom, she corrected me saying, "They ARE real books." She's right. I guess I felt that way because I did everything to get them published.

Here's the first one - Ten Little Birds.
Ten Little Birds by Kimberly McCullough
It's a really cute counting book that rhymes each number with a watercolor picture to go with the words. It's very simple for kids just learning to count and learning their colors.

Here's the second book - Banyan and the Green Bee King Save the Bees
Banyan and the Green Bee King Save the Bees by Kimberly McCullough
This story is about a mythical Fairlet named Banyan who teams up with the Green Bee King to help save the disappearing bees. It is great way to teach kids to plant bee-friendly flowers that will help save the dying and disappearing bee population on the planet. The colorful illustrations keep them interested and the language is easy enough to young readers to read the book themselves.

I'm really proud of these two books and hope that this is just the beginning of my children's book author adventure.

Ordering info:
The books can be purchased on as well as my website: 

If you purchase the books in Amazon, they are available for immediate shipping. If you order the books on my website, they take about 2 weeks to ship, but will be autographed by me. The Banyan book also comes with a packet of wildflowers for kids to plant and watch grow. The cost is about the same no matter which way the books are ordered.