Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Few New Tiles

I've been working really hard at trying to find a new apartment as well as a job, but when I'm in my studio, I can get lost in creating things and thus alleviate the big stressors in my life.  Here are a few new tiles I made.








These were all made by painting alcohol inks on plain white ceramic tiles from Home Depot. Once the ink in on the tile, I use canned air to create the petal look and swirl the inks around the tile. You have to do it quickly because the inks dry almost immediately. Lots of fun, like creating art in a speed round. It is absolutely impossible to make two tiles the same.

My next challenge is going to be to create a 12x12 tile. Yikes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Cards

I attended CKC Manchester on May 2nd and 3rd and definitely got inspired to create more cards. Here are a few of my latest creations.

While at CKC, I bought a new butterfly stamp set and matching dies. Love them!
Butterfly stamps and punch from Stephanie Barnard Stamps for Life.

Best day Bostonian.

Fly high in the sky.

I also got a new penguin stamp set and matching dies. So adorable!

Penguin stamp and die cuts from Stephanie Barnard Stamps for Life with the butterfly behind the penguin.

Penguin and balloon stamps and die cuts from Stephanie Barnard.

Sometimes, less is more. I love my cupcake punch.

Last year at CKC, I bought the banner punch, but it's gotten really tough to use. Still, I like the way this card came out using the little pendants.

I made this card with a stencil I bought. First I did the background in a silver/grey and then the outline of the city in black. I really like the way it came out and I'm always looking for new ideas to make cards for guys.

I made these three cards when I got back from CKC using Julie Nutting Prima Doll stamps I already had. Apparently there are now smaller card-sized stamps, but I didn't see them at the vendor fair.

I used a page from an vintage music book.

Before I left, I purchased the envelope cutter, petal punch and hexagon punch from Stampin' Up. The hexagon has really come in handy for making a variety of cards.